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JT  Oct 4 2008 - 2:50pm   

The following material was added to over the past several weeks and months but had not been published under our News section - until now.

Thanks to member Phil Hess for sending in more factory brouchures, such as the 1983 Chevrolet Camaro Brochure

Thanks to member Nightcruzer for providing us with several old magazine articles:

Gale Force Popular Hot Rodding June 1994

Red with Rage GM High Tech Performance January 1999

Progressive Roc Popular Hot Rodding April 1994

Poncho Powered Poncho Hot Rod February 2000

Trackside Tuneup GM High Tech Performance January 1999

15 Week Wonder Part1 Hot Rod November 1998

15 Week Wonder Part2 Hot Rod December 1998

Thanks to member black89ws6 for providing the following article:
TPI 101 Hot Rod June 2000

Finally, for now, thanks to member MadMax for providing the following article:
Great F-spectations Car Craft February 1992



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