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Announcements in Forum : Memorial Board
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If you need help with your forum account, or need to contact ThirdGen.Org, please do so by contacting me directly VIA email ([email protected]) or PM ( ) and we'll respond as appropriate.

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Revised on 04/13/10: Added Car Fax Requests

-Red with Grey Custom Cloth, 1SC Interior Option Level 3, and T-Tops.
-350 TPI 5.7L L98, (225HP/330TQ) 700R4, Discs, BorgWarner 9-Bolt Posi with 3.27s, all G92 options included with B2L in 87. Shipping weight: 3,461 Lbs.
-Mods/Maintenance: TPiS airfoil, K&Ns, custom PROM chip, 160* stat, cut airbox, ACDelco RF spark plugs, MSD 8.5mm wires, MSD coil, TB coolant reroute, 3" CarSound/MagnaFlow high-flow converter, 3" I-pipe, Flowmaster 80 Series, 3" stainless tips, L35 2,200 RPM TC, Spohn SFC's, BFG g-Force KDWs & Nitto DRs, 460 watt sound system with bass tube.
-G-Tech 0-60: 6.06sec with wheelspin. (KDWs)
-The exact car I searched 4 1/2 years for! It still has original Van Nuys paint, full documentation, and 77,000 miles.

-Red with Grey Deluxe Leather Interior and T-Tops.
-173 MPFI 2.8L LB8, 700R4, 10-Bolt with 3.42s.
-Mods: K&N's and AR rims.
-First car and former daily driver with 140,000 miles.
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