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Today 09:37 PM

I really hate those shows. Never real world builds. Always mismatched parts. They're just as bad as magazine articles showing builds. Make it look impressive but to anyone who has actually twisted...
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Today 09:26 PM

Good info! Thanks for reporting back and letting us know.
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Today 09:12 PM

Axyd is for a 90 tpi 305 automatic http://www.3rdgenformula.co m/90/promcodes.htm the proper memcal is anjf or aujp You might want to datalog with $8d to see if it’s running lean.
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Today 09:09 PM

I would suggest first that you buy a shop manual for the car. Read up on what is happening during open loop and closed loop. I don't remember all the details, but in open loop, fueling is...
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Today 09:09 PM

I have them. Mine don't sound like that. They "tick". Maybe a failed smog pump? Unplugged air injection hose into the exhaust manifold?
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Today 09:05 PM

For these LB9s? I doubt it. Either would be good.
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Today 08:58 PM

My '88 T/A was a one owner, 50k mile car when I bought it. All original except for the battery and alternator, as gar as I know. It has a vinyl cargo cover.
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Today 08:40 PM

Excellent work as always. So the extra width...what goes in the space to the right of the shifter? Change tray? Cup holders? A cast plaque celebrating your Gold status in the Society of Automotive...
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Today 08:39 PM

https://cimg1.ibsrv.net/gimg/www.thirdgen.org-vbulletin/2000x1351/eton719d_131c31988b2 4cabc5c2409943eb776f aabf32b7e.jpg Carter County Car Club's All Day Car Show 2019 in Elizabethton, TN
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Today 08:37 PM

Wow...nice detective work! :thumbsup:
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Today 08:21 PM

Ya I was looking into getting the engine shipped to a holding point and found one. Problem is, we pay .35cents on the $ then it’s a 14hr drive each way for me to the border. So that $2200 engine...
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Today 08:10 PM

ill be listing stuff this weekend on ebay, make offers before then. would like the stuff to go!
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Today 08:09 PM

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Today 08:08 PM

bump underdoor and door GFX with brackets - 85$ rear bumper- 40$ willing to ship at buyers expense, make offers on the stuff i could use it out of my way.
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By: T.L.
Today 08:06 PM

Is that a C.F.I. or H.O. car?...
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Today 08:05 PM

Mr gasket filter and valve cover breather still available. make an offer and get them out of my garage
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Today 07:39 PM

Couple of those went to the diverter valve on smog pump that your missing and the others go to the original throttle body and temp sensor in intake and the one in the air cleaner assembly. I take it...
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Today 07:20 PM

EVAP canister
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Today 07:08 PM

And by all means feel free to make an offer.
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Today 07:07 PM

$255 shipped lower 48 PayPal friends and family
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