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nickpe 03-26-2017 08:32 PM

any one know of mad dog transmission
i started by talking to ed. he said he could build be a stage 3 trans full manual valve body. trans arrived painted like my 3 year old painted it. tail shaft was damaged. trans lasted for 150 miles. i called for three weeks only having to tell my story to every person i talked to. i never did get to talk to lou.. ive been calling scene august 2016, I get the same story ever time I call…lou is out to lunch, I guess lou is a smart man hes been ripping people off back to the year 2000, of cource that’s my opinion. PLEASE VALUE IT they call it a hand shake warranty. i did not do research on bad..its all over the internet about their rip off antics, used or low grade parts. i never got my money back they suck...i went to better business bureau. Also getting attorney involved. THEY NEED TO BE STOPPED ITS NOT RIGHT THEY CAN CONTINUE TO RIP PEOPLE OFF they will get there’s. when you go to their site they look legit BEWARE:smash

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