Torque Converter Lockup Switch

First the disclaimer.
Installing/using this switch is hard on your transmission and your torque converter, BUT so is racing in general. As long as you don’t ride around using it all the time, you should not experience any problems with it. It is worth a legitimate 1-2 tenths and 1-2 mph as verified by back to back runs by both myself and my friend, as well as many GNs, from whom this tip came.

Now to the good stuff.

The Parts.

  • Length of small wire (~18->22 guage)
  • Toggle switch

The Install.

  1. Determine where you want to mount the switch. I put mine in the hole where the fuse box lid locked into. It is an easy to reach place under the dash, and is pretty well concealed, and required no drilling.
  2. Run the wire from the ALDL connector (the ALDL is the thing you use to scan for codes, see below for diagram) to where you are putting the switch. This is easy if you are mounting the switch under the dash on that hush panel, and is made easier if you actually remove the screws that hold it up and pull it down for clearance.
  3. You can make this temporary or permanently wired in.
    •    Temporary: Strip off about 1-2 cm from the ends of the wire. Insert the wire into  terminals A and F (the top right and top left holes respectively).
    •    Permanent: Unscrew the ALDL from the dash and lower it so you can see the wires behind it. Splice your wires into the top outermost wires.
  4. Hook the other ends of the wire to the 2 contacts of the switch and mount the switch.
  5. Go for a ride. First to make sure it has a good connection, start in first gear with the switch ON and rive away normally. When it shifts into 2nd, it should pull the rpms down real low and bog. If you tap the gas, it should feel jerky and locked like a stick car (while rolling in 2nd with the switch on i can chirp the wheels by just tapping the gas–who says carbs have no throttle response). If it doesn’t feel any different, then your connection is bad at the ALDL, or you have the switch OFF. Try flipping the switch again and if that doesn’t fix it, play with the wires at the ALDL to get a good connection.

Any questions/comments feel free to email me.
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The Diagram.