1988 Chevy Camaro '88

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1988 Chevrolet Camaro


1988 Chevrolet Camaro History

Chevy Camaro LT option dropped. Chevrolet Camaro Z28 model dropped and replaced by the 1988 Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z28. (although interior dash badge still read `Z28 IROC-Z', rather than just `IROC-Z' as on exterior badges) Automatic gearshift plate changes with smaller letters, an orange indicator, and a flat lined slide pattern instead of the all white, larger lettered, smooth and rounded slider of previous years. The 16 inch wheels that had been standard equipment on the '88 Camaro IROC were restyled and now became an extra cost option for the IROC. The standard IROC wheel was the old 15x7 inch aluminum 5 spoke Z28 wheel and this wheel was also now standard on the Chevrolet Camaro Sport Coupe. In 1988 only, this wheel rather than having only the recessed areas painted gold or silver, was completely painted gold or silver (for that `double-dunked' in paint look).

The IROC-Z door decals were moved from the front of the doors to the rear. Z28 exterior badges were replaced with IROC-Z badges. The lower-body stripe was reversed changing from black on bottom with trim color above, to black on top with trim color below, now with a gap (of body color) between the two stripes. Newly available 1988 Chevrolet Camaro DX3 stripe delete option eliminated IROC-Z decals and stripes altogether.Sport Coupe took on the appearance of the defunct regular Z28 except for: `CAMARO' rather than `Z28' exterior badges; body colored headlight pockets rather than black; and gold or silver wheel center caps rather than black; the regular hood rather than the louvered hood; and the 1985-1987 IROC two tone lower body stripe rather than the four-color Z28 body stripe. This was the last year for the '88 Camaro Sport Coupe and was the only year for this particular appearance. Early in the year, 1988 Chevy Camaro -Sport Coupes came with a `shorty' rear wing rather than a spoiler. This ungainly addition was discontinued and replaced with the standard spoiler midyear. RS available in California, Texas, and Florida and with V-6 power only.Serpentine belt now on Camaro V-8's. Long-lived LG4 carbureted 305 replaced by the new LO3 throttle body injection 305. All Camaro TPI motors bumped up 5 hp due to slightly higher lift/longer duration cam profiles, additional valve seat angle, exhaust port/exhaust manifold changes.G92 (performance axle ratio) still available on IROC-Z convertible in 1988. G92 code was now available on the 350 (B2L) IROC-Z and now had to be specified to get 3.27 rear end (was standard in 1987) as a 2.77 rear was now standard on the 5.7 TPI. J65 rear disc brakes, G80 limited slip differential, and KC4 engine oil cooler were still required on all 5.7 and G92 cars.

Secret showroom stock racing 1LE option (option level 0 IROC-Z) first available. Only 4 produced.

1988 Chevrolet Camaro Drivetrain List

Yr Model Trans Engine
CR Displ. HP Torque Induc-
88 Sport Coupe
M5,A4 LB8 V6 8.9:1 2.8 (173) 135@4900 160@3900 MFI 3.42 ---- 3.42 ----
88 Sport Coupe M5,A4 LO3 V8 9.3:1 5.0 (305) 170@4000 255@2400 TBI 3.08 ---- 2.73 ----
88 IROC-Z M5,A4 LO3 V8 9.3:1 5.0 (305) 170@4000 255@2400 TBI 3.08 ---- 2.73 ----
88 IROC-Z A4 LB9 V8 9.3:1 5.0 (305) 195@4000 295@2800 TPI ---- ---- 2.73 3.23
88 IROC-Z M5 LB9 V8 9.3:1 5.0 (305) 220@4400 290@3200 TPI 3.08 3.45* ---- ----
88 IROC-Z A4 L98 V8 9.3:1 5.7 (350) 230@4400 330@3200 TPI ---- ---- 2.77* 3.27*
*Borg-Warner rear axle *RS available in California, Texas, and Florida only

1988 Chevrolet Camaro Production Numbers

Year Total Production Z28 IROC-Z28 Z28 & IROC-Z Convertible 1LE B4C RS RS Convertible Berlinetta Sport Coupe Sport Coupe Convertible
1988 96,275 24,050 3,761 4 7,038 limited availablity 66,605 1,859


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