1989 Chevy Camaro

1989 Chevrolet Camaro History

Sport Coupe dropped, replaced by returning RS model. 1989 Chevy Camaro RS now available with LO3 V-8. Headlight pockets on RS no longer painted black. '89 Camaros now came with rear shoulder belts. The Corvette PASS-KEY ignition lock system was adopted for all 1989Chevrolet Camaros.The base 15 inch IROC wheel was restyled to have the appearance of the optional 16 inch wheel. P245/50ZR-16 tires replaced the P245/50VR-16 tires on the IROC-Z when equipped with the 16 inch wheels. TPI motors got better performing `Multec' fuel injectors. The exterior of the TPI plenum changed slightly: the ridges on top of the plenum did not extend as far forward. Calibration refinements eliminated the cold start injector.Four wheel disc optioned (J65) IROC-Z's rear brakes were increased in size from 10.5 inch rotors to 11.65 inch rotors with PBR Australian built aluminum calipers and more reliable parking brake actuators. Front discs still had 10.5 inch rotors with Delco-Moraine single piston calipers.

G92 option included N10 performance exhaust system (dual catalytic converters) which increased power output by 13% on cars so equipped. For 1989, G92 also required the following options:

  • 5.7 TPI motor (B2L) or 5.0 TPI motor (LB9) with 5 speed (MM5) manual. 16 inch wheels (N96) P245/50ZR-16 Goodyear Gatorback tires (QLC) Limited slip differential (G80) Rear disc brakes (J65)
  • Engine oil cooler (KC4)

G92 and J65 (rear disc brakes) no longer available on IROC-Z convertible.G92 and J65 (rear disc brakes) no longer available on LB9 automatic IROC-Z.1LE performance package option (option level 0 IROC-Z) became more well-known.

1LE package was obtained by ordering the following:

  • Level 1 IROC-Z with 5.0 TPI engine with 5 speed or 5.7 TPI engine Optional axle ratio (G92) (305/3.45, 350/3.27) and its required options.
  • Air conditioning delete (C41) (standard heater)

Then the 1LE performance package was installed consisting of:

  • Fog lamp delete Aluminum driveshaft (JG1) Performance exhaust system (N10) (dual catalytic converters) Special deflected disc shocks Aluminum spare wheel with smaller spare tire (N64) Larger (11.86 inch) front rotors with Girlock or PBR Australian built HD front dual piston aluminum calipers Special swinging fuel pickup in gas tank and special 18 gallon baffled fuel tank for fuel pickup down to .5 gallon reserve to prevent fuel starvation in hard cornering.
  • Some came with special 16×8 light alloy mesh wheels. (XWL)

111 1989 1LE IROC-Z's were produced.

A new progressive throttle linkage was added to give smoother initial acceleration. The throttle had a smaller rate of advance at beginning of travel, and a larger ratio as the throttle was depressed

1989 Chevrolet Camaro Drivetrain List

Yr Model Trans Engine
CR Displ. HP Torque Induc-
89 RS M5,A4 LB8 V6 8.9:1 2.8 (173) [email protected] [email protected] MFI 3.42 —- 3.42 —-
89 RS M5,A4 LO3 V8 9.3:1 5.0 (305) [email protected] [email protected] TBI 3.08 —- 2.73 —-
89 IROC-Z M5,A4 LO3 V8 9.3:1 5.0 (305) [email protected] [email protected] TBI 3.08 —- 2.73 —-
89 IROC-Z A4 LB9 V8 9.3:1 5.0 (305) [email protected] [email protected] TPI —- —- 2.73 —-
89 IROC-Z M5 LB9 V8 9.3:1 5.0 (305) [email protected] [email protected] TPI 3.08 —- —- —-
89 IROC-Z M5 LB9 V8 9.3:1 5.0 (305) [email protected] [email protected] TPI —- 3.45* —- —-
89 IROC-Z A4 L98 V8 9.3:1 5.7 (350) [email protected] [email protected] TPI —- —- 2.77* —-
89 IROC-Z A4 L98 V8 9.3:1 5.7 (350) [email protected] [email protected] TPI —- —- —- 3.27*
*Borg-Warner rear axle

1989 Chevrolet Camaro Production Numbers

Year Total Production Z28 IROC-Z28 Z28 & IROC-Z Convertible 1LE B4C RS RS Convertible
1989 110,739   20,067 3,940 111   83,487 3,245