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Dirt track racing...

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Dirt track racing...

So i went to a dirt track race yesterday, pretty interesting and entertaining to say the least. plenty of camaros but mostly 2nd gens. anyhow its kinda got me wanting to do this (which i know maybe just be a phase) but seems like if you good it brings in good money and just looks fun (also nerve racking). and being the thirdgen fan i am if i was to do something like this i would pick a thirdgen camaro. and im curious if there is anyone on here does this (thirdgen or not) and dont mind me asking a few questions. like whats all involved in getting into the sport, how much you could expect to pay just for starting off, are parts just like what you and me buy or something more extreme, is there anyway to make the car actually street legal also so you (May) not have to deal with a trailer and whatnot, and a few more things i cant think of. i know there is no way i could even start doing this anytime soon but still would like to know some of the facts. also how much hp/tq do these cars usually put out for modified classes. Thanks.

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Re: Dirt track racing...

I have never seen a third gen used, the rear setup probably would not handle the abuse with out style suspension, stock anyway. The panhard bar would bend and send you to hell, dont know how the LCAs would last and the TQ arm is not meant for that abuse either. So unless you have or are willing to replace all that stock stamped steel with tubular components you are in bad shape.
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Re: Dirt track racing...

Yes you can use 3rd gen Camaros on dirt. The backend of these cars are no different than any other. What you may have to do depending on the track rules is change the front and rear bumpers because most will want it to be steel bars. Also you will need to cut the fenders for clearance because the tires will stick out in some classes. Also it's best to take out the front window out. Some classes let you keep it but it will be a pain with the mud and dust on it. Even if a track allows pipe tubing get rollbar tubing. It's lighter and a whole lot stronger.
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Re: Dirt track racing...

Second gens are popular because of the leaf spring rear suspension and the upper/lower control arm front suspension. They're a lot easier to set up for circle racing.

It's unlikely you'll have a street legal dirt track car. Like any circle racing, body damage is inevitable and will take more to fix in a third gen.
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Re: Dirt track racing...

buy a monte carlo that's already built

the track i grew up around it takes around 15K to run a full season, the learning curve is steep, and there will be cheaters that get away with it, its all part of the game.

you NEED to have a trailer because you will almost inevitably wad up a car at some point, and then how would you get home? lol.
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Re: Dirt track racing...

OK as someone who actually races an IMCA stockcar you need to check your local dirt track for their rules on the class of car you wish to drive.
Most camaros across the nation are in the street stock class and the required wheelbase length is a minimum of 108". the third gen is raced on some dirt tracks in the superstock class which allows the 101" wheelbase however you are not allowed to use any tubular suspension components.
A full roll cage with 4 door bars on drivers side and 3 on pass side is required, at least 2 rear mounted support bars no lower than 12" from top halo as a minimum cage. there is a lot more stuff in the track rules that I wont cover in this thread to save the long windedness but if you build one you will have a lot of fun I promise. also use a car someone doesnt have a title to and cant get rid of. And dirt track racing and street legal cannot be put together as glass and most plastics are not permitted on track.
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Re: Dirt track racing...

I race dirt track in nevada and unless you know how to buid a roll cage DONT... Buy one already done or find one of the racers that knows how to and whos welds look like they will save his life and in the off season ask him to help you build... Its fun and I recomend the monte carlo as its alot easier then the camaro to drive I have done both and the camaro is a lap to lap setup never the same while the monte carlo is very consistant and allows you to just drive it... Its not cheap either I have 10K in my car just the car race ready, if you lookin for cheap then I say look into the "bomber" or "pure stock" classes basically take a car gut it cage it and go they use stock everything right up to crap tires.....

If you need I have more info if you want it.......

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