Third Gen F-Body Videos Clips

Below you will find a collection of Third Gen Camaro and Firebird videos.  Our collection includes Drag Racing, Burnout clips, Commercials, and Advertisements.

Mike Metzler aka desert86roc, submitted this video that a friend took of him on a bye-run.
It’s a 6 MB AVI that might require the DivX codec to view.
Here is a video from a 1986 Motorweek episode that was recorded and saved after all these years!
It’s an 86 prototype of the soon to be 1987 L98 IROC-Z and 1987 ASC-Z28 convertible. Thank you VERY much for saving this footage from
the Third Gen Camaro’s heritage! The video is 6 minutes in length.
51 MB AVI – RIGHT CLICK and SAVE AS! You’ll need the DivX 5 Codec to be able to view it. Download and install the FREE version with OUT AdAware! Here is the WMV version of the same movie. 10 MB
Mike 89GTA took a lot of footage of his 89 GTA on a road course.

2.7 MB AVI

3.6 MB AVI

6.5 MB AVI

3.6 MB AVI

1.4 MB AVI

2.1 MB AVI

3.1 MB AVI

2.2 MB AVI

2.8 MB AVI

2.6 MB AVI
IROCZ4EVER sent us these movies of him having fun in his ’86 IROC.

2.6 MB AVI

3.3 MB AVI

2.6 MB AVI
Kevin91Z Took some footage from the SoCal vs NorCal F-Body shootout on June 5th, 1999 The first is his 350 91Z,
and the second is a Built 400 ’89 GTA by Mike Morgan Motorsports in SoCal

1.6 MB AVI

567 KB AVI
Zach sent us this one of Bill Kirsch’s ‘Snot Rocket’ doing a burnout!

4.6 MB AVI

MPEG Movies

New Video! firebirdta84 sent us this video clip commercial by GM for the 1984 Chevy Berlinetta.

 Jarkko Lehto aka Flfinn, gave us 5 vids for your viewing pleasure! These were recorded last summer there
in Finland. Jarkko and a buddy of his had a pile of old tires just waiting to have some fun…
and here is what followed. There’s more, but the other car is a ’68 nova – so not a thirdgen.

Here are the vids:
Burn3.mpg – 1.4 MB
Burn5.mpg – 2.4 MB
Burn6.mpg – 2.5 MB
Burn7.mpg – 2.1 MB
Speed1.mpg 2.5 MB

 91Bird305 sent in another video of his 91 Firebird 305 TBI! This one is of him doing a doughnut out in a parking
lot, shot from the outside this time, and then a back shot of his car while he revs the exhaust.

Here is the vid, it’s 2.12 MB in size: 91Bird305’s Burnout Movie

91Bird305 sent in a video of his 91 Firebird 305 TBI. You can find his Homepage at
This is filmed from the passenger seat while he does a 360 Degree doughnut in his apartment complex parking lot during a lunch
break from work. I really like the Ram Air Hood 🙂

Here is the vid, it’s 2.12 MB in size: 91Bird305’s Movie

Murt Sent us these. The first one is his friend Diego doing a brakestand/burnout in his GTA. The other two are Murt having fun in his
IROC in the rain. Check out the other car in the first one from Murt…wonder what they are thinking. 🙂



Paul Meisburger sent in these MPGs of a few high-speed passes from his 91RS with a 3.1 V6.


Aaron7 sent in this MPGs of his 1988 Iroc-Z.


QuickTime Movies

Peter Frazier filmed a quick movie of his car reving up to show how his 3" Applied Technology stainless exhaust sounds from inside the car.
Click Here to View it!

RealMedia Movies

Travis Whidden sent us this footage of his 1992 Camaro. Check out his cool Web Page about his car. Too bad he wrecked
it the day I posted the movie. 🙁

3.6 MB Real Media
Danny Deutsch sent us these clips of his IROC at the drag stip. Also there is one of an IROC doing a wheel stand! The last clip is
of Bill Kirsch again..same as the AVI from Zach (above) but in Real Media format.

1.3 MB Real Media

1.1 MB Real Media

818 KB Real Media

395 KB Real Media

536 KB Real Media

2.0 MB Real Media
Drew can be seen here doing multiple 360s in his white 91 Formula 350.
Click Here to View it!

Windows Media Movie (WMV format)

Here is a movie of Shaun Wilhelm‘s car racing a Supra in the 1/4mi. His car is a 1992 B4C RS with most of the free mods.
The guy that owns the Supra is was his roommate in college. It’s a 1993 Twin Turbo Supra all stock.
He does beat Shaun in this run, but you can see the awsome torque of the mighty L98 overtake him at the line.
Click Here to View it!
Movie of camaroz29‘s 1991 Z28 doing numerous brakestands/burnouts.
Click Here to View it!
daves12secV6‘s 52 MB F-Body video featuring each generation.
Click Here to View it!

ASF Movies

All of the following movies were sent in by Nick. Check out his website for complete details on his fantastic car!

Note: These files are in ASF format – If you have problems playing these files, you will need Windows Media Player.

The sizes of the videos are a bit large, but the quality is high.

If you are experiencing ‘stop start stop start’ when you play the video, you may want to try right clicking on the link and selecting "Save-As".

Once the file has been downloaded to your compuer, you can doubleclick on it to view it.

Buttonwillow 4/20 & 4/21 2001

Note: The sound quality is not the best on these. I think I changed something in the encoding. I’ll work on fixing it later.

The following videos were shot by Chris Cannon from the inside of T1

Race 1 start Length: 0:43  3.5MB Med quality
Race 1 – JWL Spin Length: 0:23 1.9MB Med quality
Race 1 – Jason Swindle Length: 0:18 1.5MB Med quality

The following were taken from the incar camera:

Race 2 – Start Length: 2:25 11.9MB Med Quality
Race 2 – Chasing Tony Length: 1:58 9.8MB Med Quality

Thunderhill 5/19 & 5/20 – 2001

Note: The sound quality is not the best on these. I think I changed something in the encoding. I’ll work on fixing it later. 2

Race 1 – Start Length: 2:23 12.6MB Med Quality
Race 2 – Start Length: 0:47 3.9MB Med Quality
Race 2 – Outta shape in T6 Length: 0:15 1.3MB Med Quality
Race 2 – A Pinto??? Length: 0:10 1MB Med Quality
Race 2 Safety Truck!!? Length: 1:08 5.6MB Med Quality
Race 3 – Campbell Length: 1:02 5.1MB Med Quality

Buttonwillow 2-10-2001

This is the first lap of my first race with the CMC folks. We ran with the American Iron cars, who gridded behind us. That made for an interesting banzai pass by John "Capt Insano Braking" Lindsey in his white mustang, and Helder "Brakes? What brakes?" Atunes in his seriously supercharged Mustang.

Race #1 Length: 3:05 37MB High Quality

Laguna Seca – 3-3-2001

This is one lap from our Saturday morning practice session. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get any video the rest of the weekend as the camera started shutting itself off and I gave up trying to get it working.

Practice session –  Length: 2:05 32mb High Quality

YouTube Videos

Chevy86 IROC-Z’s Burnout Video Clip

Chevy86 IROC-Z’s Burnout Video Clip on YouTube