Third Gen F-Body Sound Clips

Below you will find exhaust and engine audio clips from Third Gen Camaros and Firebirds.  Contact a Moderator or Administrator if you would like to get your Third Gen sound clip added.


Stock 350 TPI L98
MSD coil/wires
Catco high-flow converter
Stock I-pipe with Flowmaster 80 Series and stock tips. (part number 43083, 3" inlet with dual 2.5" outlets)  

650K WAV


84 Z28 Camaro
350 engine about 320hp
278H Crane Cam, 278 degrees duration, .467 lift int/exh
Weiand Xcelerator intake manifold
Edelbrock 600cfm performer carb
Mallory 3RLi Ignition with ProSidewinder 8mm wires
stock exhaust manifolds with a single straight pipe, no cat
the revs exceed 5500rpm.

220K MP3

89RagTopRS (Phil Tigar)

This file is my car after putting on the new SLP exhaust. I couldn’t get a better sound recording from my PDA. The revving sounds muddled sometimes.

The only real mods I have on the car is an open element and exhaust. The others are just changing the restrictive parts with better flowing parts.

1.02 MB WAV


I just got a sound wav of my car and thought you might want to add it to the sounds page. Here are my exhaust mods:
Edelbrock TES Headers (TPI)
Custom 3" exhaust w/o the cat
Flowmaster 80 Series

375 KB WAV

Alex Pobuda

This is his car starting up and revving a bit.
The car is a 350TPI 87 IROC with a Dynomax CVX catback exhaust.

127 KB MP3

Allan Reinike

Here is his 88 IROC 350TPI with a 3 chamber Flowmaster muffler. Otherwise, all stock.

575 KB MP3

Chris Fraser

Here is what his 305 Camaro sounds like with true dual exhaust.

869 KB WAV

Daniel Burk

The first two sounds date back to April 15th, 2000 when I converted my L69 engine over to some home-ported heads, a comp Cams XE262H grind, Edelbrock headers, Edelbrock Performer manifold, and a Hooker Aerochamber cat-back. These sounds are from a well-modified 305. Later in the summer this 305 went 14.04 at 100.8 MPH.

The last sound is without the Hooker system. I leaned under the car and got the sound straight from the catylitic converter. Unfortunately I misjudged how loud it actually was, and now my right ear rings a teeny bit more than my left ear! Hearing protection now follows me EVERYWHERE: Mowing the lawn, using compressed air, heading off to the dragstrip.

All revving sounds slightly exceed 5000 RPM; however the engine easily powers to 6K as I discovered later in the summer.

220 KB WAV
220 KB WAV
345 KB WAV

Danny Deutsch

Here are some MP3s and WAVs of his 89 IROC L98’s exhaust with Flowmaster 80 Series and a glasspack, then capped and uncapped.

1989 IROC-Z with open cut-out

307 KB MP3
422 KB WAV


301 KB MP3
415 KB WAV


381 KB MP3
525 KB WAV


Here is Zach nailing it around a corner.

307 KB WAV

Mike Schaffer (Mike89GTA)

Sound clip of 350 /w LT4 Hot Cam, Edelbrock Heads, open headers.

621 KB WAV