Adjusting your TV detent cable: For 1973 and later TH-350 and TH-700R4 auto trannys

The TV (Throttle Valve) detent cable controls line pressure, shift points, part throttle downshifts and detent downshifts. Over time this cable can come out of adjustmant and cause improper shifting, which is not only annoying but can prove to be harmful to the transmission.  In this article I will explain in brief how to adjust this yourself in about 5-10 minutes.

This picture is on a 2.8l V6, the procedure is the same for other engines, although the TV detent assembly will be in a different location, on some models such as the LG4 application, you may need to remove the air cleaner.

On the usual scale this one is a 1.

Two hands and a brain. 😛

Once the hood is open and the engine cool, locate the TV detent assembly. Push in on the metal tang (B), and slide cable assembly (D) all the way back so its flush with the mounting tab (C), and release metal tang (B). Grab ahold of throttle lever (E) and move in direction of arrow all the way to WOT, you should hear a series of clicks. Release and you’re all done..

TV Detent Cable Adjustment