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Why do cats love to sleep on cars?

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Why do cats love to sleep on cars?

I was talking to a friend of mine today about how mad it makes us when our cats walk on our cars. It never fails, I spend an hour and a half washing and drying my car to look really nice and the next morning I find our cat laying on the hood with muddy prints up and down the car. I have even found two different colors of cat hair on the car and we only own one cat. It's embaressing to drive around with cat prints on your car. I put a car cover on and then they get mud on the car cover and I have to wash that off. Some people suggest throwing water on the cat but then they get scared and run with there claws sticking out, not good on the paint. My friend said he was going to rig up a battery with two wires and use the hood to complete the circuit. Every time the cat gets up on the hood they get a little shock. My mom said she used to cover her car with a sheet and put tin foil on top of the sheet. The cats start to slip on the foil and dont like the sound it makes. Does anyone have any remedies to keep them off or have a cat that loves to sleep on your car and get it nice and dirty? Sorry to any animal rights acctivists who read this but somethings gotta be done. Thanks for any advice or stories in advance.
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I feel your pain

Well the first thing that comes to mind is my 10/22 ruger with a sub sonic round (barely hear the darn thing) antifreeze come to mind. Hey I like cats but not on my car, I have the same problem.

This is what i do

I use a california duster first(gets off the major stuff first w/o scratching) then use Mequires detail spray for the footy prints.

good as new

I'm waiting to paint the car until I get the shop built, no need to have them pesty cats ^&$%&^$ a good paint job
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1>Hire a sniper
2>Hire Michell Jackson to do unspeakable things
3>Put cat food on the next guys car so they stay there instead
4>Spike the catnip
5>leave a guitar string(made of cat gut) there to warn the cat
6>Get a rottweiler
7>Catch the cat one day, tape him to the roof and take him for a ride. He will never come back after that ride.
8>place fly paper all around you car so they cant get to the car
9>use #1 on both subjects in #2 after they are done
10>move and let the cat win
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You wanted to know why? Two reasons: 1) It's warm on the hood. 2) It gives them an unobstructed raised view of the surrounding area.

If you park in a garage, the best way to keep them off is to leave the hood open. If outside, leave a stuffed toy on the hood (weird I know).

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TIME TO BUY A RIFLE.....,if I ever saw a cat on my car we'd be having special steaks that night
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This type of post started a flame war between “cat people” and “ I hate cat people”. I am closing it before things get out of control.
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