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Wiper Blade sweeps too far!

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Wiper Blade sweeps too far!

When I use my windshield wiper in low or high mode, the driver's side blade sweeps off the windshield. It was no big deal at first but now it's leaving fine scratches on the pillar. The single wipe and timed wipe modes don't have this problem. Is there a stroke adjustment or is something just going out? Thanks.
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there is adjustments for the wipers under the vent at the base of the windshield, pop that long cover off, and you'll see it. Be warned though, adjusting these things is not fun.. it took me a bit to get them to park properly afterwards. come to think about it I think my driver side wiper does go off the windshield a bit too. how about you drop down a blade side.. that should correct the problem. as long as you are not really tall.
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The blade's not installed backwards is it? Some blades have the hole for the mounting pin off center, and it's possible to put it on with the long side pointing the wrong way. It's a common mistake, I see it a lot cause I have to change wiper blades all the time (part of working at an auto parts store). It sounds like this may be your problem.

As far as this only happening in "fast wipe" mode, that's odd. Doesn't seem to make sense. Unless there's something screwed up in your wiper transmission, a broken mount or something, that causes the whole assembly to move due to the extra torque generated by the faster wiper speed, but be alright at lower speeds? That's just a guess though, or something to check out anyways. HTH
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You should check both ends of travel to make sure the wiper parks in the correct position. when teh wiper arms park, they should be almost touching the shipping blocks - the small plastic pedastals that hold the wipers off the windshield. If the wiper arms park too high, they will also sweep too far out of the "triangle" and should be removed and remounted on the splines to adjust their park position.
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I can't remember right here. but...Try taking of the wipre arm itself from the transmission. Now here is where I can't remember right. Does the little gear have a keyway that only allows the arm to go on in one spot??? if not you can adjust it down a couple of teeth and this will solve your problem. I have run into to this very often so. As for the wiper traveling a further distance on high speed then low, that is normal actually. The more power the further the blade will go. NOw it shouldn't go 3 or 4 " farther but one inch or so is fine. So remember though, turn the wiper arm back a couple of teeth counter clockwise. Hope this works for you. It should as long as the transmission doesn't have a keyway. If it does have a keyway then you will have to adjust the internal parts under the vents. One last thing...you are sure you have the right size wipers on it???
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