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Came home and Turned off Car, now wont Start?

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Came home and Turned off Car, now wont Start?

Hello, i've been poking around these forums and others to find a solution to my car. I haven't found any real solution to my car so I am deciding to post and see if you guys can offer some help.

I have a 89 Camaro RS, 5.0 TBI. It used to have a problem where I think the starter would get to hot and freeze up, but that hasn't happened for a while, plus when I would let the car cool down, it would always start back up.

My mom did borrow my car about 1-2 weeks before it stopped cranking, she was at a drive-up windows waiting and all of the sudden, the car shut off. Then after a while, it started back up and she drove it home. I didn't see any real problems so thought it could have been a driver-error . It has not had a problem since then.

I was driving it around, no problems since my mom had it. Everything was working great, I came home and turned off the car like usual, went inside to take a nap. Came outside and now it wouldn't crank.
When I put the key in, it detects the key in and when I turn the key, it does what it normally does, guages move up, seems like everything receives power. But not a sign of cranking. I have tested the starter and it worked fine, I put a battery charger on the battery and see if my battery was low, still nothing.
I been thinking about the pass-key system, but didn't know if there was a problem with that since accessories would power on when I inserted the key. But I didnt want to start messing around with the electrical stuff without first posting here.

So do you guys have any suggestions on what I should test / replace to get my car running again ?

Thanks, Doug
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Re: Came home and Turned off Car, now wont Start?

That sounds kinda like the VATS... but it wouldnt have anything to do with hte car shutting off out of nowhere when its already on...

I just bypassed my VATS today actually. Easy if you've got a multimeter and crimp tools.
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Re: Came home and Turned off Car, now wont Start?

Wierd, I was about to post this myself because as of a few hours ago I have the exact same problem. 91 RS TBI. Cars been starting/running great for about 6 months. I got back to the house today, turned it off, went out 2 hours later to restart it and....nothing. I have full power, all the warning lights come on and the gauges cycle on when I turn the key, but the starter does nothing.

Can someone take a few seconds to teach me about VATS. What is it, how do you test it/fix it/bypass it/etc. Thanks.
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Re: Came home and Turned off Car, now wont Start?

I'm a newbie, but I found this to get you started:
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Re: Came home and Turned off Car, now wont Start?

It could also be a number of things besides the VATS.

There is a relay behind the drivers side front kick panel.
You should be able to hear it click when trying to start the car.
There is also another relay under the hood on the drivers side by the brake booster.
Then you also have your gear selector switch if you have a automatic.
Located under the center console to the left of the gear selector if sitting in the drivers seat.

You also have a fusible link located next to the battery by the radiator

If a convertible... i forget which one it is and it could be both.
If the trunk and or tanau cover is not closed.... the car won't crank.

From what I remember... there are 5 to 7 check points the car goes through before it will send juice to the starter.

If you are getting juice to the starter then it could be two things.
The starter or possible bad ground.

I'm having the same problem right now, but leaning towards a bad starter.

The last time my car just simply died without reason... was the gear selector switch. After I replaced it... I tore apart the old one to see why.
There are a series of copper lines in there and they pack it with conducting grease/lube. Well, after all those years... the lube and dirt built up a sheen on the copper causing it to no longer make the electrical contact.

If I remember right...
It starts at the battery, then goes through fusible link then the vats, then to the gear selector switch to the (tanau cover/trunk) then to the starter enable relay and finally to the starter.

I'm missing the one under the hood though. But I'm thinking that's the fuel pump relay which I think has nothing to do with it not wanting to turn the starter.

When I figure mine out.. I'll post my results.
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