1990 Pontiac Firebird Pictures

Enjoy our collection of 1990 Pontiac Firebird pictures. These 3rd Generation Firebird pics include: Formula, Trans Am, GTA, and Firehawk. Please sign up and post pictures of your ’90 Pontiac Firebird in our forum garage for your chance to be put into our Third Gen picture gallery.

Fun Facts!!  Like the 1990 Camaro, Firebird also only received a half year production as Pontiac raced to release the 1991.

13_stars_ind.'s 1990 Pontiac GTA
13_stars_ind.’s 1990 Pontiac GTA

1990 Pontiac Trans Am
ShakeZula’s 1990 Pontiac Trans Am

goehringoehring's 1990 Poniac Firebird Formula
goehringoehring’s 1990 Poniac Firebird Formula


jessegta's 1990 Pontiac Trans AM GTA
jessegta’s 1990 Pontiac Trans AM GTA


1990 Pontiac Firebird