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Help with Tunerpro RT for beginner

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Help with Tunerpro RT for beginner

So i have a 1989 Camaro with a 1991 stock internals 350, with a p600 procharger. What i am wanting to do is be able to connect my laptop to my car and datalog and all that. I also want to learn how to tune my car and burn chips for it, because right now i have just 24lb injectors and an fmu. I would like to get 42lb injectors and tune my car myself.

I am 18 so i will need step by step help. I will catch on quickly probably. So far what i have is the aldl usb cable with the 10k resistor, and i downloaded Tunerpro RT. I am using a dell laptop with windows xp.

I do not understand if i have to download other files (only downloaded tunerpro. that is all) so that i can datalog, also i have a 730 ecm, Also, what else do i need to be able to tune it, like do u need a chip burner or what componets do i need...

Any help would be GREAT!!!!!

Also i got tuner pro to say my cable is connected to my ecm i just dont know what to do next.... will not show any engine info.. like i said i am a beginner trying to learn this. THANKS!!!!
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Re: Help with Tunerpro RT for beginner

if you have a 730 ecm, you don't need the 10k resistor in your aldl cable. you have an older car, but sounds like newer harness and ecm. so buy hardward for the ecm you have. as for datalogging. you need a .ads file for the code your car is running. I'm guess you will have $8D, since you have the 730 ecm in there. so look on tuner pro's download page and I think there's one there. if not tons of them floating around. a quick search here should turn up some links to them. that .ads file is what tuner pro uses to understand the data from the code running in your ecm. every code has its own .ads. many different codes will run on your ecm. now if you downloaded the newest tunerpro. 5.something. the ads will be called something else, like .adx, but I haven't got around to updating mine yet. so I'm not 100% sure that's what its called. but its close. its used the same way thou as for burning chips, you don't really have to burn chips anymore. most have the ostrich. its like a replacment for the chip and is flashed thru a usb cable on the fly. its meant to be used as a tuner type of thing where you make changes eazily then when happy with the turn, that file is burned it to a chip. but the battery in the ostrich that keeps the file saved lasts like 100years. so I think most if not everyone just buys it and leaves in it. so you don't have to buy the chip stuff. the ostrich is like 175$ there are other things out there that do pretty much the same idea, most are not real time. but real time can get you in trouble anyways. once you get that. you will need to find a stock .bin file. the file your car runs on. you will then need to find a .xdf file for tunerpro to understand the .bin file. so you can read it and then make changes and resave. it all sounds much worse than it is. the .bin's are saved around on a few good sites, the xdf and ads are around for free too. plus once you get into it, if your good you can make your own or mod the ones you find. since your running boost, I'll go ahead and say check out I've had good luck with it on my cars. one with boost and one n/a. it started out life as the code run in the 749ecm used on the typhons. the turbo truck, but the guys have upgraded it over the years into a very nice boost code. it will run in your 730 ecm just fine with a few wire changes. all the hardware you buy for the setup you have now will carry over to 59 later if you decide to give it a try. good luck
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