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Spraying Water into PCV to Clean Cylinders

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Spraying Water into PCV to Clean Cylinders

The topic of misting water into the carb to clean out carbon deposits in the chambers has been beat to death before, but I noticed some people mentioning adding water to the *** pcv valve or pcv hose **** instead. I am thinking of doing this on my 88 GTA with TPI. I plan to just spray or dribble water into the actual pcv valve, while it is upside down and sucking air and water into the engine. I am assuming that this will get to all 8 cylinders, and that the same rule applies that you should be careful not to add too much at one time. Is it necessary to rev the engine, or can I just let it idle and slowly add the water ?


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It all goes to the Same place, So Yes.

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you should never put any water in an engine it could pop rings off their seats crack valves etc use gm carb cleaner it is not a spray but a pour in can pour pour 1/2 can in the tb let sit for 2 to 3 min crank engine do it again with the other half when started you'll see the carbon being pushed out the exhaust
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I've heard that putting uncooked rice down your intake will clean everything out. I would be a little leary of that though! But wait, wouldnt you be a "***** burner" if you did that! Can anyone verify this technique?
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I've read about lots of people using the water trick in carbed cars, with good results. I've done it to my carbed daily driver, via the carb, not the pcv. Never heard anyone say it hurt his car. Just add the water slowly.

Has anyone used the pcv to add the water ? Spray into the pcv valve? Drip water into it ?
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Just get a spray bottle and mist it by the throttle body or over the carb, be careful not to do too much though!
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I would do it the easy way if you are all worried. Just go to GM and buy a can of CLEENS and yes that is the spelling. It is combustion chamber cleaner. Sray it into the intake and it runs thought the engine.

I used this on my dodge winter bomb and I sprayed it in till it stalled the car and then I let it sit for anout 30mins so it loosened all the carbon. It takes a lttle persuasion to get it started but when it does, holly friggin smoke screen. You have never seen so much smoke come out of a car. After a couple of mins it clears up and the car works like a million bucks.

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I did the water thingy. I misted. It stalled. Then I waited a couple mins, then misted again. Car never ran better.

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Aren't you guys worried about clogging a cat? How do you get around filling the cat with partially burnt carbon? That sounds like it'd be worse for performance, than carbon on the valves.

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Um, not to sound like a nerd or anything...
In a honeycomb matrix type cat. the larger particles you loosen will not adhere to the matrix, the smaller particles from combustion stick more. A good example to compare, is a fan blade. The smaller particles do not get caught in the airflow drag.

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I just did the misting thing, except the mister was too weak. I poured about 1/2 gallon in. Had my doubts, but I did have a little carbon buildup. Checked the plugs before and after, they appeared the same (a little sooty), but it is definently worth doing, since it clears all the carbon in the whole length of piston travel. Also it idles better, and has better throttle response.

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nice tip.....

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by branz28:
I did the water thingy. I misted. It stalled. Then I waited a couple mins, then misted again. Car never ran better.

so did u take the intake tubing off and spray it into the TB or into the PCV valve?

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I've got a spray can of GM Top End Engine Cleaner that I'll just spray into the PCV hose. I believe that you're supposed to disconnect the AIR diverter valve first.
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Keep in mind that too much water or revving your engine with water in it can create steam which can increase pressure in the cylinders to a dangerous level. My dad sunk his dirtbike and started it. It would have worked, but he revved it and BOOM!
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AMSOIL makes a great foam cleaner,,to spray into intakes ,,,its called power foam cleaner,,the ,directions on the can,,,everything these guys make works,,,,including there ,,,stnthetic oil,nothing beats pulling the heads off though,,if its got bad enough to keep chugging after the ignition is turned off!!!
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