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Do you miss her?

Old 08-08-2018, 10:22 AM
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Do you miss her?

Who sold a 3rd gen that they wish they hadnt and had kept?
If yes, please share some details about that car and if you know what happened to it? is it still around?
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Old 08-08-2018, 10:40 AM
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Re: Do you miss her?

I sold a cherry 88 iroc z I had that had an LT1, LT4 hotcam kit, headers, a tremec 3550, a 12 bolt, and a roll bar. I bought it for pennies and sold it for decent money, but I would buy it back in a heartbeat if I could. It's still local and I still see it time to time
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Old 08-08-2018, 10:45 AM
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Re: Do you miss her?

Well... I sold my 86 T/A around 2006 after changing the engine twice, and going through a string of junk 700R4s. Sometimes I miss the car, but I can't really say I regret it. It was cursed from day 1. It needed to go away, and if I still had it, it'd just be in my way. Last I heard, the kid who bought it ripped out the engine and a/c and put in a 400, blah blah. Who knows where it is now.

Also sold my Designated Beater 91 Firebird 3.1L around the same time period. After 7 years of daily driving, and going through most of the car, it'd gone from a junkyard rescue to a fairly decent reliable car. Sold it to a kid that was more interested in the stereo than the car, pretty much gave away the car or the stereo to get rid of it. The car was spotted regularly around town for years, then turned up at the junkyard. It was stripped to the bone, last I heard. Can't say I really regret selling, because I'd been trying to get rid of it pretty much ever since I got it running. I was just glad to see it go away.

I don't know, I get attached to cars, but when they gotta go, they gotta go. The ones I really appreciate, stay forever. Aside from my Formula, and maybe my Iroc, I'd sell every car I own and not feel too bad about it.
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Old 08-08-2018, 10:54 AM
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Re: Do you miss her?

Sadly NY got the best of her, So Salty. 84 T/A 5.0 HO T5.

Went to a younger more ambitious gentleman who had Dirt Track plans for it, so welding some stop signs down was his grand idea. She's still on jackstands last I saw.
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Old 08-08-2018, 10:59 AM
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Re: Do you miss her?

I sold an 82 Z28 pace car that I deeply regret. I had replaced the CFI 305/TH200 with a nice 350/TH350 combo and I don't even have a picture of it. Also regret selling a pristine 91 Z28 LB9 and 87
TA 350. Unless some catastrophe occurs I will try and keep my current car. Its probably in the best shape of any ive had.
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Re: Do you miss her?

Back in 2006?, when I lived a different life, I had a blue 89 camaro with a V6.

Paid $500 for it. It ran like ****, wouldn't consistently start, and wobbled like hell at highway speeds.

When I broke up with my GF at the time, moved from Kansas back to Nebraska, and couldn't manage getting the car home.

I still miss her. Had plans to swap a V8 in.

That car is the reason why I bought my Trans Am.
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Old 08-08-2018, 01:27 PM
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Re: Do you miss her?

My first brand new car...1991 Camaro RS, L03, 5-speed, 16s...really loved this car. But at around 20k miles it was needing rear tires, insurance wasn't cheap, and I needed something to tow my snowmobile trailer. So it got traded for a '92 extended cab S-10. But I sure had a lot of fun with it in that year or so.

A nice fellow on another forum ran the VIN for me last year. the car is still registered, and here in the Metro Detroit area. I'd love to have it back, but no where to put it, even if it was for sale.
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Old 08-08-2018, 10:46 PM
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Re: Do you miss her?

I don't even really know where to start with this one. I've owned probably between 30-40 third gens, so there are a lot that I wish I still had. Here's a few of my favorites....

1987 GTA. 5.7 with auto trans. 73k miles. Tan cloth interior. I liked the red 88 GTA in the background a lot more than this one. Details on that car are farther down below
Had this during my Junior year of high school, and beginning of my senior year. 1984 Trans Am. Was a 305 carb, 5 speed. I spun a rod bearing the night this picture was taken, and my Dad had an engine built for it that'd spin 7,000 rpm's all day long. Ran awesome, but worthless with the crap 1 wheel peel rearend. The car was super mint. 60k miles
Senior year of high school in 1994. Car was an '87 IROC-Z, 5.7 TPI, T-tops, 4wdb, overhead console, loaded up. Killer stereo! 48k miles
My very first third gen in 1991. It was an 83 Trans Am. 305 carb/auto. 63k miles. Super clean car. I ended up putting different wheels on it, but lost my pics of it with the better wheels
This was a super fun car. 86 Z28 made to look like an IROC-Z. Very healthy 355, 400hp and a 5 speed. I wrecked it after just a few months after the build. The huge cam screwed up the vacuum for the power brakes.....and i never got it fixed before i really needed them! That front wheel in this picture is currently an air hose reel in my garage....and looks like pac-man
1988 GTA. TPI 305/auto. Lots of mods including a 100hp nitrous kit. 28k miles and MINT MINT MINT. Gray leather and digital dash. I really loved this car. I had about $6 grand worth of stereo in this thing back in 1996. This is probably the third gen I miss the most...
1982 Pace Car. 305 carb/auto. I think it was in the 80k mile range. The black beast sitting next to it was my favorite of ALL lol....that was a 600hp 87 Buick Grand National with 38K miles
My 1st IROC-Z back in 1992. It was an '86, 305 TPI auto, 70k miles, red interior

I wrecked this one, too.....and this car was damn near cherry before the accident, too. 1992 Z28, 80k miles, 305 TPI and a 5 speed. I had a Stealth Ram 350 in the works for it, and it was going to be all white with pearl orange heritage stripes with orange emblems. I had 17" ROH wheels for it, too. Then this happened..

1984 Z28 in the background, 305 HO, auto, 80k miles

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Car: 1988 GTA 5-spd TPI
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Re: Do you miss her?

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Old 03-22-2019, 01:35 PM
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Re: Do you miss her?

I answered no. The only other 3rd gen I've ever owned was my first car. An 88' Camaro RS Hardtop w/ a 2.8l v6. I loved the car but it was a pile. Everything went wrong on it. But it did it's job and when I got out of college and started making real money I sold it and someone else got to enjoy/headaches from it. No regrets.

Now my 96' Z28.... I do miss her sometimes. But that's another (non-thirdgen) story.
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Re: Do you miss her?

I voted 'no'. My first 3rd gen was an 84 TransAm that needed a lot more work than I was able to give it, especially without a place to work on it. Selling her was the best option for both of us. Once I had a house with a garage and a place to work on a car, I did begin to miss it, but that was when I bought my '85 which needs a lot less work in the grand scheme of things. Hard to miss my '84 now that I have the right car at the right time in my life.
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