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low end torque, high end power, blah blah blah

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low end torque, high end power, blah blah blah

this has really been bugging me. everyone says that for the street, low end torque is what you want. but if you a a real car enthusiast, than you want more power.

Based on the two third gen cars i've been in, both with sbc swaps, i believe that it is simply a matter of what you can handle and live with.

for example, i build a mild 350 in desktop dyno 2000. it had torque right off the bat and they went downhill after 4000, the hp curve was a bell shape, and significant hp dropped off like a cliff after 5000. Then a built mean 350 with a long duration cam (the one i have) and the power band shifted right 2000 rpm, but peak hp was 100 more, and peak torque happened later, but was also much high.

so what is the big deal with having MORE torque, but later on in the powerband. it seams logical to me that you will only be able to go faster is by getting more air/fuel in the cylinders, and getting the exhaust out in the most efficient way.

for a while, my DD had a 327 with a 292/300 cam in it. i will say that is was bad of the line driving around town, but once the car was moving, it was a whole different story. For a while i had 3.23 gears, and that was bad! but once i got 4.10's . from a 5-10 mph roll, i could stomp on the gas, and the engine would peg at 7000. now my friend had a mild 350 with 3.73's and it will get off the line quick without dumping the clutch at all, and it will lose traction. but sad to say, his car ran a 15.6 in the 1/4.


So what is the big deal with running a 250+ @.050 duration cam if your gear and other components are matched???

all the forums i read about engine builds and swap always deter people from mean cams. if you are looking to build a hot rod, then why not go for it!

now i am ready for what experienced people have to say. I know i will probably get bashed a bit, but i really need to get cleared away.

but i guess it is easier for some to have high revving motors with mean cams when you live in an emissions-free county....
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Re: low end torque, high end power, blah blah blah

I think you've oversimplified cam selection..... There's also consideration given to the heads that are on the car, static and dynamic compression, carb or Efi, header and exhaust size,and a host of other things...

Rather then just guess at a cam, or go on with the bigger is better philosopy maybe you could go to Comp Cams and check out their Cam Quest program... It will recomend a cam that is designed to compliment the other components in and on your engine......
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Re: low end torque, high end power, blah blah blah

I guess i should have not left those things out. I would like to assume that you pick a cam along with matching components. Putting a 280/280 adv. in a stock 350 obviously wont work. also, putting some mild cam in a high compression forged motor would be a waste of material. I am just saying that if you are rebuilding an engine, why not go for a little extra umph? Like the motor i am deciding on a cam for, all forged 327, 462 heads, ported, 2.02/1.60 stainless valves, and arp studs throughout.

I am completely aware of the required changes when upgrading to a significant larger cam. I just really need to get a good explanation as to why so many things aren't "street friendly" I guess it also really depends where you live, and where you plan to drive you "daily driver".

just a word of thought.
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Re: low end torque, high end power, blah blah blah

three cheers for horsepower builds!!!
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