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Max HP from a 350?

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Max HP from a 350?

I was just wondering, for giggles, what is the maximum horsepower one can obtain from a fully tricked out 350? A friend of mine is all import and I'm all american muscle and we talk smack back and forth about what we have (or will have; I got a 305, he has an RB20DET) I was reading that a skyline RB26DETT fully tricked can do over 1,340 HP!!!!!!!! Thats an inline 6!!!! So does anyone know? All motor. Superchargers yes, turbos too and all the possible mods but no juice! This is just for fun though. Thanks.

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Re: Max HP from a 350?

a off-its-t!ts 350 can realy put out some power (duno exact numbers tho).
There is a car mag i was reading the other day with a vett with a twin turbo blown bigblock putting out 1700+RWKW! Id like to see a 6 do that.
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Re: Max HP from a 350?

if i 6cly can put numbers like that. i dont see why an 8cly can do the same.
it be one expensive small block i would imagine. i watch lots of drag shows andthey show lots of small block 350s well in the 700 and 800 numbers. tho they also have stage 2 nos and what not. im sure you can get 1000hp if everything was balenced perfect and what not. really good quality parts.

im kinda woundeing the same haha wounder what would be the MAX hp anyone can possibly get with a 350.
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Re: Max HP from a 350?

Here's 1500 HP from a twin-turbo 406 small block chevy:

NASCAR engines and NHRA small block engines make over 900 HP with no boost and no nitrous. Ask your friend how much power his 6 cylinder would make without the boost.
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Re: Max HP from a 350?

Yea, compare his with NO BOOST. That gives you a winning argument right there.
His engine has more valves per cylinder doesn't it?

A boosted SBC can make upwards of 1000HP and do it reliably (relatively). That 1350HP on his engine is VERY VERY VERY EXPENSIVE. The SBC can do it much cheaper and easier.
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Re: Max HP from a 350?

yep a skyline rb motor is STOUT and very well designed. same as the supra's 2JZ. I'm willing to bet those two motors are better than any traditional small block but when you do aftermarket blocks, intakes, heads, etc, a 350 cube small block will put down 2000 hp if you build it right. Add more cubes and you can see more.

500 cube big blocks tho have done over 8000 hp. A similar 350 probly could last a pass at 4000-5000 hp
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Re: Max HP from a 350?

i know of a N/A 355, not VERY wild that runs 10.7's.. and the guy bangs a 4 speed.. probably 10.5-10.6 with a TH350.. some people get 355's to high 9's naturally aspirated.. its not very common because there are SOOOOOOO many other options out there and everyone knows that more displacement means easier power generation.. a stroker is only a few more dollars so most go for the 383 instead..

i believe there are some crazy tube chassis cars running small blocks in the low 7sec range.. about 2000 at the wheels..
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Re: Max HP from a 350?

I'm sure you could figure out out with math, even assuming 100% volumetric efficiency, perfect 14.7:1 fuel ratio, and a given RPM. The bottom line with any engine though is displacement, how much air you can move through the engine, and how fast. So, at some point you either need to rev to 10,000 RPM, or have a power adder. A supercharger or turbo directly adds displacement. Nitrous also has the effect of adding displacement, since it adds oxygen, which allows for more fuel. For a N/A engine, I would guess somewhere around 500 to 700HP before it's just not really possible to get any more airflow, without a power adder.
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Re: Max HP from a 350?

If you want to be fair, as far as technology goes (you're comparng a design from the '90s to one from the early 50s ) compare his little 6-banger to an LSx engine. Then you have a much more level playing field, as far as tech goes.

There are some SCARY fast LSx cars out there. 1300hp isn't even a trailered-to-the-track car often times if it involves forced induction! lol
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Since this is just for giggles (in case you forgot Board rules, bypassing the filter is not allowed), with excessive variables, and no intend to actually build a "max HP 350", Mr.
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